Top Tips for Current COVID-19 Status

Updated: March 7, 2022

Return to Work Clearance

Take or Re-take the UCSF Daily Screener to clear yourself for return to campus or onsite work.  It will guide your next steps if you’ve had symptoms, exposures, travel or a positive COVID test! Most situations don’t require using the COVID hotline, making the hotline more available for those with questions and advice. For reference, here are the Details on Return To Work and an infographic to show the key highlights. 

Visitation Status

Clinical Management Guidelines


N95 masks are now broadly recommended. See the N95 and Eye Protection PPE Update and access FIT Testing here. PPE Reuse and Extended Use of PPE are now allowed.

Our Data

Access the UCSF COVID Dashboard to see COVID data across our health system including current surge status.  


Thank you for getting boosted! 

Upload your vaccine documentation to the Occupational Health Portal if you received your vaccine outside of UCSF. UCSF requires boosters. See UCSF Vaccination/Booster Locations and Hours.


See UCSF Testing Details to access how to get yourself or household members tested.


Please access the Coping Resources for Times of Crisis.