TB Algorithm

Download TB Algorithm pdf.

1 The degree of clinical suspicion for active pulmonary TB should be based on the likelihood of prior exposure to TB (e.g., lived in an area of the world with relatively high TB rates, close contact with someone with active TB, known prior positive TB skin test or Quantiferon/T spot result), risk factors for TB reactivation (e.g., medical conditions associated with weakened immune systems such as cancer, HIV, diabetes, severe renal disease, organ or stem cell transplantation; receipt of immunosuppressive medications such as steroids, chemotherapy), and clinical signs and symptoms suggestive of active pulmonary TB.

2 See Isolation Precautions Table https://infectioncontrol.ucsfmedicalcenter.org/sites/g/files/tkssra4681/f/2018-November-Disease%20isolations%20table.pdf for guidance regarding duration of airborne isolation.

3 Send a total of at least 3 sputum samples for AFB smear and culture—this is important for mycobacterial species identification and for anti-TB drug susceptibility testing