Product Information

ECOLAB product specification documents and updated information on new hand hygiene products are available on this page.

Clinical programs routinely stock one antimicrobial soap and one alcohol hand sanitizer.

These products are:

Quik-Care Foam Hand Sanitizer

Equisoft Antimicrobial Soap

Surgicept Waterless Surgical Scrub is stocked in UCSF operating rooms

LotionOur hand manufacturer develops products that are formulated to work cooperatively on your skin. Follow the Skin Integrity guidelines (Appendix C) of the Hand Hygiene Policy 1.2

  • Revitalizing Skin Lotion Fragrance Free

Alternate Products

Dispenser Mangement

Use the electronic Work Order system (FM Track) on the Facilities website to request new dispenser installation or re-location or call 415-353-1120 Facilities Management call center. Because the new dispensers contain less product volume (750 ml) and because the revised Fire Code now excludes from its volume limitations alcohol product located within patient rooms, units may be able to add dispensers in their corridor egress areas. See Life Safety Code and HEIC recommendations for dispenser placement.

Contact Hospitality 415-353-1283 for any other issues related to dispenser operations.